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Littoral Chronicle is a trans-coastal artistic research project by ikkibawiKrrr, Shezad Dawood with UBIK Productions, and Ritika Biswas, in collaboration with academics, migrant labourers, scientists, and other stakeholders.

Littoral, meaning ‘seashore’ and waters closest to the shore, denotes the zone in water bodies that is home to rooted shallow plants and marine species e.g. seaweed, clams, anemones, kelp, crabs. But we also extend this term to include human communities who labour and live in these zones; those who are often the first to feel the effects of the climate crisis.

This project wades through mudflats and seaweed farms, parsing questions of colonialism and labour along shorelines. It unfolds through fishing songs, tidal temporalities, and speculative geographies.

Through this digital platform as well as site-specific gatherings, we traverse south-western South Korea, north-eastern UK, and other littoral spaces. We intend to create more nuanced, non-linear, and affective understandings of coastal ecologies and inter-communal alliances.

Littoral Chronicle is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions for Climate Action, exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology, in partnership with the Korea Foundation.

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ikkibawiKrrr is a visual research band which explores the connection between plants, natural phenomena, humanity, and ecology. Its current members are Gyeol Ko, Jungwon Kim, and Jieun Cho. “ikkibawiKrrr” is a combination of ‘ikki’ meaning moss and ‘bawi’ meaning rock, and ‘Krrr’ is an onomatopoeic term. ikkibawiKrrr aims to apply the way moss survives to their projects and attitudes.

Ritika Biswas

Ritika Biswas (b. 1995) is a nomadic curator and independent artistic researcher. Her practice enmeshes eco-critical play, collaborative kinships, and justice, particularly within Majority World contexts. She has worked with New Art Exchange UK, Busan Biennale, the British Council, 421 Arts Campus Abu Dhabi, Fondation Fiminco Paris, and MMCA Seoul, among others.

Shezad Dawood

London-based artist and researcher Shezad Dawood (b. 1974) interweaves stories, realities and symbolism to create richly layered artworks, spanning painting, textiles, sculpture, film and digital media. Fascinated by ecologies and architecture, his work takes a philosophical approach, asking questions and exploring alternative futures.

Kaia Goodenough

Kaia Goodenough (b. 1995) is Curatorial Projects and Development Manager at Shezad Dawood Studio in London. She works closely on the development, research and delivery of the studio's projects including Dawood’s ambitious multi-year interdisciplinary project Leviathan Cycle.

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